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About the platform

Welcome to the Access Alumni Community Platform where 7,000+ Alumni connect, network and exchange opportunities.

From the moment you graduate from the English Access Microscholarship Program, we seek to keep the ties with you to further empower you through training, retreats, grants, networking events, and other Alumni activities that enrich your experience and broaden the world of opportunities for you, both academically and professionally.

As the most rewarding interaction goes in a two-way street fashion, we count on each and everyone of you to make this platform rich, interactive, insightful, and collaborative by sharing with your fellow Access Alumni ideas, innovative concepts, in addition to opportunities that come your way.
We look forward to this community growing and prospering through our joint efforts.
Let’s start the conversations!

Warm Regards, Teach for Lebanon  

About the platform

The Access Alumni Platform is a space for Access Alumni to connect with each other, enhance their networks, and stay up to date with the opportunities available to them.

The purpose of this website is to create a more connected and empowered Alumni community, by bringing together Alumni of different Access cohorts so that they benefit from each other in terms of learning, experience, continuing education, and capacity building, let alone networking together to build communities of practice. 

We’re different from other education platforms – we take a creative approach to teaching technical skills.

We’d be happy to answer any
questions you might have.